Choose the right amount of wrapping paper

Always have way too much paper or not enough when you wrap gifts? We're here to help.

Choose the right amount of wrapping paper

Start with your present about .5" to 1" away from the horizontal edge of your paper. 


Then you can "tumble" the box along the paper, so that each side fully touches, ensuring there will be enough paper to go around the entire box. 


If you reach the end of the paper before you can lay all four sides of the box flat against it then you do not have enough paper. Rotate the box 90º and then try again! If you have a lot of extra paper after you have hit all 4 sides, then you can make a horizontal cut.


After that, lift the vertical edge of the paper and slide the box towards it until the paper reaches about 3/4 of the way up the side of the box. Lift the opposite side of the paper and cut where it reaches about 3/4 up the side of the box. Use the pattern in the paper to cut a straight line by aiming for the same spot in each repeat (the lobster's head, for example).


Now you have the perfect size to wrap your present!

output_wsocxq (1).gif

This how-to uses our Lobster Garland kraft wrapping paper.